Rethinking Religion in India IV: Secularism, Religion and Law

The fourth Rethinking Religion in India conference builds further on the sixth Dharma and Ethics conference which was successfully held earlier this year on the theme “Tradition, Religion and Law”.

So far the conferences have focused on the theoretical framework in which the Indian traditions are described as religions and the understanding of  certain conflicts and problems in India that are generally linked to ‘religion’. This year the aim is to extend the scope of the conference.

If we accept that the theoretical framework in which the Indian traditions are understood as religions is dependent on the Christian theological framework on which it is based, then this must also affect the understanding of other areas of human existence. One such area is the understanding of what a 'good' and 'just' society is. The aim of the fourth conference is to explore the extent to which Christian notions about truth and falsehood, the goal of law and the nature of a person, have determined the Western judicial system;  the extent to which this is different from the Indian understanding of these aspects; and the result this has on the implementation of the western judicial system in India. This will be the focus of the Platform sessions. In the Roundtable sessions the issue of religious and communal violence in India will be further explored.

The fourth Rethinking Religion in India conference is jointly organised by Sri Dharamasthala Manjunatheshwara (SDM) LawCollege(Mangalore, India), SDM Centre for Post Graduate Studies and Research in Law (Mangalore, India), the Research Centre Vergelijkende Cultuurwetenschap(Ghent University,Belgium), the Centre for the Study of Local Cultures and P.G Department of Law (Kuvempu University, India), the Department for the Study of Religions (University of Pardubice,Czech Republic), the India Platform UGent (Ghent University, Belgium)