The fourth Rethinking Religion in India conference was jointly organised by Sri Dharamasthala Manjunatheshwara (SDM) LawCollege (Mangalore, India), SDM Centre for Post Graduate Studies and Research in Law (Mangalore, India), the Research Centre Vergelijkende Cultuurwetenschap (Ghent University,Belgium), the Centre for the Study of Local Cultures and P.G Department of Law (Kuvempu University, India), the Department for the Study of Religions (University of Pardubice,Czech Republic) and the India Platform UGent (Ghent University,Belgium)

News Items

Samvada Lahari V - at SirsiThe annual " Samvaada Lahari " will be held at Sirsi on th 6th and 7th of February 2016. The theme of this years event would be " Samskruthika Vyatyasagalu " ( Cultural differences ).Sirsi – Sat, February 6th 2016

Release of two books by NILUME-India Platform publicationThe second publication of Nilume – India Platform publication was released on August 2nd 2015. The second part of “ Buddhi Jeevigala Moodahanambikegalu “ which deals with the current theories which are the emanate from the west , not taking into account the cultural experiences from the non...Bangalore – Fri, October 2nd 2015

Second release of "Buddhijeevigala Moodhanambikegalu "The second release of Buddhijeevigala Moodhanambikegalu , was done at Mysore on 2nd October , 2015, By Sri . M.S.Chaitra through Mantahana Platform , with a discussion on the book . Mysore – Fri, October 2nd 2015

Release of NILUME - India Platform book "Buddhijeevigala Moodhanambikegalu " at DavangereThe third release of the book Buddhijeevigala Moodhanambikegalu was done at Davangere on 31st October , 2015 by Sri M.S. Chaitra who also delivered the keynote address. This program was conducted by Vartamana Forum for intellectual debates , Davangere. Davangere – Sat, October 31st 2015

Prathibhigyana Workshop Series The workshop for the month of March, will be held on 18th and 19th March , 2016 at Kuvempu University Campus , Shankarghatta.


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Why Smriti Irani as HRD minister was a terrible choice (13-11-2015)
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Questioning the axioms (26-01-2016)
What if law does not dictate how people live or die but allows old customs and traditions to do their work?Indian Express

Taking Rohith Vemula seriously: Blame corruption, not caste Inflicting violence upon people's experiences must end. (02-02-2016)
Prof.Jakob de RooverDaily O

Exposing caste censorship in the wake of Rohith Vemula's death (02-02-2016)
This article has been co-authored by Garima Raghuvanshy and MS Chaitra.Daily O